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The staff at iPharma Pharmacy understands that healthcare and pharmacy can be complicated! From insurance questions, medication therapy management, immunizations, or natural treatments, our goal is to cater to your unique and individual needs.

You are More than Just a Number!

Our pharmacy staff knows our patients on a first-name basis. We are not a large box-chain pharmacy; our customers are more than just a prescription number. We are here for you and your family and are proud to be your health experts.

Our Services

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Compounding Services

iPharma uses compounding to create personalized medicines to meet an individual’s needs.

Pharmacist Prescriptive Services

Our pharmacist prescriptive services enhance accessibility to timely healthcare by allowing our pharmacists to prescribe medications for minor or common conditions.

LTC Services

iPharma’s LTC services make medication management easier for people with chronic conditions by simplifying their complex medication regimen and ensuring they take their medicines as needed.

iPharma Pharmacy Services

These are our services. If you have any additional questions regarding the services, please visit the contact section to either visit our location or give us a call.

Compounding Services

iPharma customizes medications by addressing allergies, sensitivities, and unique needs. Our expertise spans Hormone Replacement Therapy, Autism, Pediatrics, Pain Management, Dental, Podiatry, Dermatology, and Functional Medicine.

Point-of-Care Testing

iPharma's Point-of-Care testing is fast, convenient, and accessible, offering immediate results for critical medical tests, which facilitates early detection, and timely treatment.

Pharmacist Prescriptive Services

Our pharmacists can prescribe medications for common conditions. This allows patients to receive prompt treatment and personalized care adjustments without having to wait in line to see their doctors.

Telehealth Services

iPharma's telehealth services provide access to Texas-licensed physicians, offering convenience, flexible scheduling, ongoing care management, and cost savings.

LTC Services

We simplify complex regimens, review medications, and assess drug interactions. We also offer medication synchronization and home delivery to ensure convenience for our patients.

Vaccination and Immunization

iPharma offers convenient, accessible vaccination services with flexible hours to ensure you and your family remain healthy year around.

Veterinary Compounding

iPharma Pharmacy offers top-notch pet services to your pets with veterinary compounding. We customize medications to your pet's unique needs, by adjusting dosage, form, or flavor for easier administration.

Veterinary Compounding

iPharma Pharmacy extends top-notch services to your pets with veterinary compounding. We customize medications to your pet’s unique needs, collaborating with your veterinarian to adjust dosage, form, or flavor for easier administration. 

Vaccination & Immunization

iPharma Pharmacy prioritizes prevention with vaccines for all ages, including travel and CDC recommendations. Our professionals make the process seamless for a healthier future.

Compounding Services

We provide specialized formulations for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Autism, Pediatrics, Pain Management, Dental, Podiatry, Dermatology and Functional Medicine.


Our Featured Services

Transfer Prescription

Transfer Prescriptions

Get your prescription from our pharmacy, or have it delivered to your doorstep. We make the transfer process simple for you. Ask us today about transferring your prescriptions to us!

healthcare services

Healthcare Services

Schedule Vaccinations, Patient Counseling, Education, Blood Pressure Screening and Long-Term-Care services at our pharmacy.

medical supplies

Medical Supplies

Bulk medical supplies for organizations and individuals like Personal Protective Equipment, Needles, Syringes, Catheters, Nursing aides, and many other products.

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Fast service and a great place for covid vacation especially for kids vacations and employees are very kind.



Got my wife’s scripts filled here and they were fast, courteous, and very professional. Even when they had to order something we got it the next day and that was when Dallas was covered in snow and the whole state was having shipping delays.


Michael Wright

Excellent attention. All the staff are well trained to guide you in everything related to your medicines. You can get your vaccines and also your vitamins B12 to give more energy 100% recommended “También te dan tus asesorías en español excelente Servició,muy atentos y amigables” 👍👍


Jeniber Garcia

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